Volunteer Group Profile: Library

By Penny Williams, Communications Volunteer

Marina Princz, librarian, is the sole staff member of the Yosef Wosk Library & Resource Centre. She speaks with feeling when she says, “Volunteers are absolutely integral to the work of the Library.”  

Twenty in all, they work in four areas. Weekday volunteers do a lot of the regular librarian and small-project work; weekend volunteers run the library on their own; Book Club volunteers support the book club open to Library members; and Pre-school Storytime volunteers run the activity that was developed by volunteer Marilyn Hooper (who received an Award of Distinction last year for her initiative).  

“Our volunteers develop expertise in highly specific jobs,” says Marina, “and make it their domain. Many have been here a very long time. They have huge loyalty to the library, to the VanDusen, and to customer service.”  

Vivien Lindner is one of them. A 20-year Wednesday volunteer, she joined because she loved gardening, and then acquired librarian skills under Marina’s guidance. “I process new books, shelve books, and help visitors find the information they want. It’s a pleasure to work with Marina, and to do work that is so useful. I enjoy that.” 

Marina in turn pays tribute to our volunteers, and our volunteer culture. “I am extremely fortunate to work in a place that allows volunteers, and is also a place where volunteers want to be.”