Teacher Pro-D

Learn with us, and develop your gardening skills, ecology knowledge, and ability to teach your students in the great outdoors. Teacher Pro-D is generously subsidized by the Vancouver Master Gardeners.

Find the perfect fit for you and your teaching team.

Friday February 18, 2022

9.30am – 11.30am Growing Food in the Classroom (Online)
1.00pm – 3.00pm Native Bee ID and Stewardship for the Schoolyard and Classroom (Online)

  • +Growing Food in the Classroom (Online)

    Join the VBGA’s upcoming online Teacher Pro-D Session where Growing Chefs Program Director, Amanda Adams, will lead a session on growing edible plants in the classroom and explore how to use them in activities and learning opportunities for your students. Find out what to grow (and what not to grow), how to and what you’ll need to set up a classroom garden, how to troubleshoot indoor container gardens, and share some fun, out-of-the-box ideas for engaging students in growing their own food. Gardening can be an adventure in trial and error and we will leave plenty of time for group discussion so be sure to come with your garden questions.

    Growing Chefs is on a mission to connect chefs, kids, and communities to foster systemic change towards healthy, sustainable, just food practices. Through their Classroom Gardening and Cooking Program, they introduce students to the whole food cycle – from seed to plate to compost using interactive, hands-on learning to give students the skills and knowledge to make healthy food choices for themselves, their communities, and the environment.



  • +Native Bee ID and Stewardship for the Schoolyard and Classroom (Online)

    Did you know there are nearly 600 species of native bees in BC? Though lesser known than their domesticated counterparts (Apis mellifera, aka European honey bees), native bees play an integral role in wild and managed ecosystems; while providing for their young and raising the next generation of bees, they pollinate our flowering plants, including many of the food crops we depend on. But they need our help, and the first step towards helping wild bees thrive is to get to know them!

    In this Pro-D Day workshop, Marika van Reeuwyk of the Environmental Youth Alliance and Native Bee Society of BC will share her teachings around the amazing diversity of native bees in our city, gleaned from a decade-long relationship grown through careful observation, study and stewardship. Marika will highlight the basics for identifying common native bees we see in urban habitats, and share some helpful tools, resources and teaching strategies that educators can use in the classroom and adapt for students of all ages. She will also share tips and tricks for supporting pollinators in your schoolyard gardens, from planting native plants to providing nesting resources.



Other Offerings

We also offer the following opportunities;

  • +The Classroom Garden Series (K-7) SOLD OUT

    Our 2021 – 2022 Teacher Pro-D program is sold out!

    This online ten-part series will support K-7 elementary teachers eager to explore opportunities for teaching across the curriculum in their Westcoast school garden. Each month you will look at timely tasks that help keep your gardens growing, as well as specific curricular connections and practical management tips for teaching outdoors. Seasonal resources will be shared, and participants are encouraged to share their own success stories and challenges to broaden our
    collective expertise.

    Registration is free this year and offered explicitly to a limited number of practicing K-7 educators.

    By accepting a spot in this series, you agree you are available and committed to attending all sessions.

    Contact Aymara Pineda apineda@vandusen.org for more information.