Teacher Pro-D

Learn with us, and develop your gardening skills, ecology knowledge, and ability to teach your students in the great outdoors. We frequently add new Pro-D workshops throughout the year, as well as horticultural classes in our Adult Education program.  Teacher Pro-D is generously subsidized by the Vancouver Master Gardeners. Contact the Community Outreach Coordinator for more information or to register.

Browse our current offerings below to find the perfect fit for you or your teaching team.

  • +Experiential Education - In and Out of the Classroom (K-7)

    Bring the whole teaching team! Build capacity and confidence to deliver outdoor environmental education and effectively engage students in their surroundings – both in and out of the classroom. During our workshops, teachers will:

    • Participate in a diversity of outdoor nature-based activities designed with adaptability and replication in mind.
    • Explore how BC curriculum themes are linked into VBGA field trip programs and how to use the variety of self-guided resources available through our website.
    • Enhance interdisciplinary and collaborative planning in your school by working with colleagues to identify opportunities at your school and in local green spaces.

    Contact the Community Outreach Coordinator for more information or to register.

  • +Starting Sep 19: The Garden Classroom Series (K-7)

    This six part professional learning series is designed to build confidence and capacity in normalizing the use of your school garden as a classroom. The Garden Classroom Series will weave practical gardening skills with meaningful opportunities to engage students in scientific inquiry, mathematical thinking, creative storytelling – and more!  Participants will receive extensive gardening resources while broadening their understanding of how to develop and support the big ideas, core and curricular competencies in a garden classroom. Specific examples of cross-curricular learning will be shared, along with inspiring stories of student engagement and inclusion. Step-by-step gardening checklists will be shared each month, along with tips and tricks specific to year-round garden success on the West Coast.

    Each session covers:

    • Timely tasks
    • Seasonal classroom management in the outdoor classroom
    • Playful inquiry in the school garden
    • Monthly skill development with cross-curricular connections & resources:
    • Assessment & evaluation outdoors
    • Facilitated sharing, co-planning, and hands on learning at VanDusen Botanical Garden, and possibly nearby school gardens

    This series is taught by Megan Zeni (B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed.), a master gardener and a professional educator with over 20 years experience in both public and private K-7 elementary schools.

    Sep 19, Oct 24, Mar 6, Apr 10, May 8 & Jun 5 | $75

  • +Oct 19: Indigenous Perspectives and Natural History of BC (K-7)

    An opportunity to discover and identify plants and animals native to BC, and their role in the province’s unique ecosystems. Through exploration of the Canadian Heritage Garden, BC Habitat Garden, and the medicine wheel at VanDusen, learning is placed in context within Aboriginal heritage. Teachers will develop tools to effectively share knowledge both of local flora and fauna, and the important perspectives of the First Nations here.

    Oct 19 | $35

  • +Oct 19: Inspire Environmental Awareness in Your Students (K-12)

    With curriculum connections such as valuing diversity and relationships, understanding cycles, and appreciating our interconnection with nature, teachers will explore fun ways to use the environment as an integrating context with activities in and out of the classroom.

    Oct 19 | $35

  • +Feb 15: Drawing Nature for Teachers (K-7)

    Participants will identify how focused, nature-based discovery addresses BC curricular and core competencies for K-7 and learn how to develop and teach illustration skills.  Teachers will learn how to develop and teach illustration skills while learning techniques to capture the beauty of nature through drawing.

    Feb 15 | $35

  • +Feb 22: School Garden Ecology Workshop (K-12)

    This workshop is designed for teachers who are enthusiastic about gardening, ecology, and cultivating a healthy and ecologically-friendly garden ecosystem at their school.

    Feb 22 | $35