VBGA Annual General Meeting

2017-04-24 7:00 Location: Great Hall of the Visitor Centre at VanDusen Botanical Garden

Attention VBGA Members!

The Annual General Meeting of the association is being held on April 24, 2017.

Food and drink is available at 7:00pm, with the meeting starting at 7:30pm

Pursuant to the VBGA’s bylaws, the association must give members no less than 14 days notice of the meeting and distribute in advance any special resolutions that are to be voted on by the members present.

This year, the Board of Governors is bringing one special resolution to the members for their consideration.

New bylaws

As you may recall, at last year’s AGM the membership passed two significant special resolutions: 1) a resolution to change the name of the Association to the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association; and 2) a resolution to update – for the first time in 10 years – the Association’s bylaws. Members present would also recall that, at that time, the board indicated that it would be required to come back to the membership in 2017 with another set of revised bylaws in order to be compliant with the new BC Societies Act.

The Act came into force in November 2016. And the VBGA has updated its bylaws to be fully compliant with the new act.

You are encouraged to read this version of the new bylaws.

The following summarizes what those changes achieve:

  1. Alignment of language and terms within the bylaws to the new language and terms of the Societies Act;
  2. Changes voting thresholds for certain resolutions from 75% to two-thirds majority;
  3. Clarifies requirements for auditors as described in new Act;
  4. Moves dissolution provision (formerly in Constitution) to the Bylaws as required by the new Act;
  5. Clarifies the documents members are entitled to review as described in the new Act;
  6. Expands on the permissible use of electronic means in support of the conducting of board business and decision-making.

If approved by the membership, these new bylaws will come into effect once they have been registered with the Government of British Columbia in Victoria.


Resolved, as a special resolution, that the bylaws of the society be replaced in their entirety with the bylaws attached to this resolution.