Those who give to the gardens are making a gift to our community and our earth. These garden collections are our common ground, our gathering place, a place of learning and inspiration. Gifts to the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association (VBGA) help VanDusen Botanical Garden and Bloedel Conservatory continue to grow and flourish.

Scroll down to learn about the many ways to give to VBGA programs and projects. Each leaves a lasting legacy and makes a profound difference.

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For online donations, click the button above to donate via, an e-donations portal that allows donors to make online credit card donations to registered Canadian charities. They will process your donation and send it to us less a 3% transaction fee.

Our history

In 1966, a group of committed citizens established a registered charitable organization which is now known as the Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association (the “VBGA”).  The VBGA’s first Members and Donors worked with the City, the Provincial Government, Vancouver Foundation and W.J. VanDusen to raise the money needed to purchase the land on which our Garden now grows, thus saving it from commercial redevelopment.

Since VanDusen Botanical Garden opened to the public in 1975, the VBGA has offered educational programs and tours to connect people to plants. Our Mission is to inspire understanding of the vital importance of plants to all life through the excellence of our botanical collections, programs and practices.

Last year, the VBGA delivered 148 education and outreach programs to 7,100 participants – 4,100 children and 3,000 adults. We provide top-notch experiences facilitated and led by some of the most experienced educators, facilitators, gardeners, horticulturists and botanists in Canada.

In January 2013, VanDusen and Bloedel Conservatory officially amalgamated. The VBGA is extending our educational programming reach to include both VanDusen Garden and Bloedel.

Thanks to the efforts of the Association’s Founding Members and Donors, and with ongoing support from VBGA Members, Garden Donors and Friends like you, we will continue to cultivate these beautiful and diverse collections of plants for all generations to explore and enjoy.

  • +Ways to Donate

    Donor Opportunities  

    Your gifts can be directed towards a special program or project or they can be unrestricted. Unrestricted gifts are directed by the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association to where they are most needed right now. 

    VanDusen Botanical Garden began with ‘seed money’ and is enhanced annually with donations from VanDusen members, Garden friends, foundations and corporations.

    Your annual or special gift will assist the Garden to:

    • Education programs at the Garden for learners of all ages
    • The VanDusen Library – the largest public-access botanical library in western Canada
    • Volunteer development and training
    • Plant Collections and Garden enhancements

    We are also seeking ‘Seed Money’ for new Education initiatives such as:

    • Development of programs that use GPS technology as a tool for older students in curriculum and nature-based studies in the Garden – helps to motivate and greatly increase learning opportunities for this age group which is currently under-represented in the Garden
    • Development of multiple self-guided options for school groups – allows for expanded integration of interdisciplinary studies tailored to the needs of individual teachers
    • Development of a database for Summer Camp registrations
    • New display and teaching materials to create an inspirational learning environment in the new Visitor Centre’s education classroom


    Contribute through Membership Renewal

    Your continued Membership and gifts will enrich the Garden  and Bloedel in so many ways and support education, interpretation, conservation and much more. 

    Become a Monthly Donor

    Monthly Pledge form

    You can make a significant difference for the VBGA by becoming a Monthly Donor. 

    And it’s easy!  No more filling out forms, writing cheques or paying for postage, and you can cancel your commitment at any time. 

    Plus, when you become a Monthly Donor, the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association can put the money saved through less administration towards much needed programs and services. Here are a few examples: 

    $10 per month will purchase a subscription to botanical garden and/or arboretum magazines for our library 

    $20 per month will pay registration fees for 20 Youth Education Volunteers to attend an enhanced training session 

    $30 per month will pay for the participation of 42 children in one of the VBGA’s School Programs 

    $50 per month will assist in paying for plant labeling or interpretative signage in the Garden or at Bloedel. 

    Matching or Challenge Gift

    You may wish to consider making a Matching or Challenge Gift to donors who increase their commitment to the Garden or to those who have not given in the past two years but make a gift in 2013. The Matching or Challenge Gift is a highly successful program. In 2006 a matching challenge was made to Garden members to become first-time donors to a total match of $10,000.  This challenge resulted in our welcoming 79 new donors to the Association who gave a total of $7,900.

    Donor Recognition

    Charitable tax receipts are provided for outright and pledged gifts of $10 or more. 

    Gifts of $5,000 and above will, with your permission, be recognized in an issue of the VanDusen Bulletin.

    Donate Online

    Donate Now Through!

    If you wish to donate online, click the button above to donate via, an e-donations portal that allows donors to make online credit card donations to registered Canadian charities. They will process your donation and send it to us less a 3% transaction fee.

    Mail, Fax or Drop off your Donor Form

    Your donation of any amount is appreciated. Even a modest monthly donation can add up to a significant gift over the course of a year. To donate please complete the donor form ( PDF, 16kb) or feel free to contact the Development Office to make your gift. 

    Charitable tax receipts are provided for outright and pledged gifts of $10 or more.

    Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association
    Development Office
    5251 Oak Street
    Vancouver, BC V6M 4H1

    Telephone 604.257.8190
    Fax 604.263.1777

    Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association Charitable Registration Number 11928 1301 RR0001

    Privacy Policy 

    Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association Privacy Policy 
    The Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association does not sell or lend its member or donor information. If you would like to change the way you receive information from the VBGA, please contact us by e-mail at
    or telephone 604-257-8190.

  • +Annual Programs, Projects & Current Needs

    Your Gift to Mother Nature’s Classroom makes a difference.  

    Children’s Education Programs  

    “This was the best field trip ever!” 

    With your support, we can continue to provide meaningful and fun experiences to teach and inspire children.  

    Help us introduce more children to the wonders of the natural world in VanDusen’s 55-acre classroom and the tropical gardens of Bloedel Conservatory.

    School Programs

    Our School Programs service an average 3,000 students per year. Gifts to these programs assist in underwriting the costs to ensure fees are affordable for classes.

    Schools who have the capability to pay the $8 per student user fees for our School Programs do provide a portion of the funds required to provide these programs, however the VBGA subsidizes these programs with $8.50 per student to cover all programming costs.

    Your gift will help enhance and expand the children’s education programming as well as provide seed money to develop new programs.

    Nature Express Bursary

    Your gift will enable financially-challenged schools to attend our School Programs, through VanDusen’s Nature Express Bursary Program, totally funded by donor support.

    This Bursary was established to ensure schools who were not able to pay the user fees would be able to participate in classes in VanDusen’s outdoor classroom.  Each donation of $600 provides full funding for two classes to participate through the Nature Express Bursary and provides partial funding for volunteer training and course development. Your donation to the Nature Express Bursary will assist the program to reach a larger number of classes.

    Here’s what your donation to School Programs will accomplish:

    • $215 will underwrite the program costs for a class 25 students.  (To ensure accessibility for schools, the VBGA only charges $7.50 per student, but the real, full cost of funding the programming for school groups is $16 per student.)  
    • $350 will cover the printing cost to produce a special complimentary family pass for every child that participates in a school program. This one-time admission is a new initiative that we hope will encourage children across Metro Vancouver to bring their families to the Garden.
    • $175 will assist to train our essential volunteer School Program Leaders and equip them with teaching aids and props
    • $1,000 will update, enhance and produce the curriculum-based pre-visit materials provided to teachers

    Nature Camps for Kids

    “The girls LOVED camp! Your camp is hands down the best the girls have been to – I love that they’re outdoors and learning and so brimming with fun and curiosity when I pick them up.” 

    A carefully crafted blend of fun, science, outdoor exploring, art and games in the Garden, VanDusen’s Nature Camps offer children a wonderful week in our amazing and inspiring Garden.

    Your gift will help a child from a financially-challenged family to attend; as well as growing and enriching the program.

    Here’s what your donation will accomplish:

    • $230 will provide a scholarship for a summer camper to participate in a one-week Summer Nature Camp providing much-needed opportunities for financially-challenged urban children to reconnect with nature 
    • $300 will allow VanDusen to hire a junior counselor for a one-week Summer Camp program
    • $65 will purchase the art supplies for a one-week Summer Camp program 
    • $200 will fund children’s nature books, games and puzzles 

    Bloedel Tropical Conservatory Programs and Projects

    In January 2013, VanDusen and the Bloedel Conservatory officially amalgamated. Your donation to Bloedel programs and projects will assist in funding interactive displays, educational programs and Bloedel’s birds.

    • Interactive Displays – Help us to create hands-on exhibits that invite all visitors to explore the inner workings of a tropical rainforest. Your donation to this project will allow us to design and create interactive displays about the flora and fauna of this lush ecosystem.
    • Educational Programming – You may choose to direct your donation to developing educational programs for school groups, community groups and visitors, including self-guided materials as well as enhancing Bloedel’s volunteer docent program.
    • Over 170 birds of various species call the Bloedel Conservatory home and fly freely within its spacious dome.  If you wish, your contribution can be directed to the care and feeding of Bloedel’s flock.

    Adult Education Programs

    Lifelong learners benefit from your annual support as well. VanDusen offers more than 120 adult education programs a year.  These include workshops, courses, lectures, and interpretive walks.  A number of these programs are available free with membership or with Garden admission.  It is our mandate to offer a range of programs for adults from diverse backgrounds and cultures. 

    Our adult participants find answers, intrigue, health, like-minds and career development in classes that range from grafting to yoga to Horticultural Therapy. 

    Your gift allows us to offer greater variety in the workshops, tours and lectures, as well to develop new and exciting quality programs.

    The Yosef Wosk Library and Resource Centre at VanDusen

    Western Canada’s largest public-access botanical and horticultural library houses a unique collection of over 6,000 volumes at the Garden.  

    Your annual gift to the Library will contribute to acquisition – increasing our patron services and our international connections. 

    Volunteer Development and Training

    VanDusen’s committed volunteers are one of our greatest resources. More than 1,600 volunteers are working throughout the year to achieve your Garden’s vision.  VanDusen offers a comprehensive volunteer program, holding five intensive orientations per year. This is followed by program-specific training to ensure that volunteers are prepared for their roles and kept current on subjects such as plant conservation, biodiversity, docent techniques and our collections.

    Your gift supports our wonderful volunteer training program and ensures that VanDusen volunteers, the heart of the Garden, continue to offer the superb and enriched visitor experience for which we are renowned.

    Plant Collections and Garden Enhancements

    VanDusen Botanical Garden and Bloedel Conservatory are not just places of great beauty; they are legacies for future generations. Our plant collections represent ecosystems that range from tropical South Africa and the Himalayas to the South America and the Mediterranean, across Canada’s Boreal forests and Great Plains to plants native to our own Pacific Northwest. The Garden Director and staff continue a process of garden-by-garden or collection-by-collection reappraisal, working together to examine each area’s short and long-term needs.  

    Conservation is an increasingly important element of the Garden’s mandate. Relaying this knowledge to the public, especially children, ensures that all visitors understand the importance of being environmentally responsible.

    Your gift to the Garden collection will help to preserve the earth’s biodiversity – and educate and raise awareness about this vital conservation process.

    Interpretation Program 

    Interpretive signage and plant labeling are important elements of the visitor experience. They make information about the Bloedel Conservatory’s birds and tropical collection and VanDusen Botanical Garden’s plant collection accessible in a user-friendly way, while affording a greater understanding of the importance of plants to our daily life and the interconnection between all living things.  

    Your gift to the Interpretation Program will help install interpretation signage at the Bloedel Conservatory and replace/update old signs and plant labeling throughout the Garden’s collections with new signs which support VanDusen’s interpretive, education and conservation mandates.   

    Tomorrow’s Garden   

    As our Garden grows, so do our goals and dreams.  Here are just a few things we are hoping to achieve, with your support:

    • Development of programs that use GPS technology to motivate and inspire learning opportunities in curriculum and nature-based studies for older students (an age group which is currently under-represented in the Garden).
    • Creation of new initiatives for the development of self-guided,  integrated and interdisciplinary studies tailored to the needs of individual teachers.
    • Continued subsidy of school programs at VanDusen so there are no barriers to learning at our amazing Garden and Conservatory.
    • Envisioning and creation of the next phase of plant-based interpretive displays at the Garden and Bloedel. 

    Your gift will support the VBGA to realize our hopes and dreams – today and tomorrow. 

  • +Capital Projects

    Current Needs

    Capital Projects in 2013 and 2014 focus on interpretive displays and enhancing our Visitors’ experience.  Your contribution will assist to:

    • Fund interpretive displays for Bloedel Conservatory
    • Envision and creation of the next phase of plant-based interpretive displays at the Garden 
    • Replace two six-person carts to provide guided tours to seniors and visitors with mobility issues.
    • Purchase three new wheelchairs for outdoor use

    Other Projects

    From time to time VanDusen Botanical Garden and Bloedel Conservatory will have capital projects that require additional funding support.  Please revisit this section for Project updates.

  • +List of 2005 to 2012 Building Campaign Donors

    Campaign donors

    ‘Planting the Seed’ Building Campaign donors

    We are thrilled to thank the donors who supported the Capital Campaign between 2005 and 2012.  Thanks to these contributors and the work of the VanDusen’s Capital Campaign, the Visitor Centre opened in October 2011.

    • Government of Canada
    • Government of British Columbia
    • City of Vancouver – Board of Parks & Recreation
    • Vancouver Foundation

    Named Spaces

    • BMO Great Hall
    • CH Family Cascadia Garden
    • CIBC Garden Terrace
    • Cleghorn Family Landing
    • Garden Club of Vancouver ‘Plants to See’ Display
    • HSBC Arrival Hall
    • Hurst Family Volunteer Lounge
    • Jennifer Eyton Rain Garden
    • Peggy Gunn Woodland Hall
    • RBC Gallery
    • TD Canada Trust Streamside Terrace
    • The Joseph Segal Family Atrium
    • The Tong & Geraldine Louie Plaza
    • Vancouver & Arbutus Rotary Clubs Centennial Fragrance Garden
    • VanDusen Guides Classroom
    • VBGA Board of Governors Living Building Display
    • Yosef Wosk Library & Resource Centre

    Individual, Foundation & Corporate Donors

    • 99 Nursery & Florist
    • Ginger Abell
    • Sue Abzinger
    • Michael & Sarah Adamson
    • Sally Adamson
    • Diana Adamson-Arias
    • Janet Allan
    • Joan Anderson
    • Joanie Anderson
    • Lyn Anderson
    • Dominic Andriano
    • Ann Claire Angus Fund
    • Arbutus Tree Service
    • Wendy & Larry Argatoff
    • William & Barbara Armstrong
    • Kathryn & Barry Arnett
    • Lois & Craig Arnold
    • Frank & Marjorie Ashdown
    • Rick & Kitty Ashe
    • Yik Fung & Kam Duen Au-Yuen
    • Dorothy Ann Bacque Kathleen Bain
    • Marilyn Bain
    • Joan Baker
    • Sara Baker
    • Janet Banfield
    • Sheila Bannister
    • Lorena Baran
    • Glenn & Loretta Barr
    • Eleanor Barth
    • BC Recreation & Parks Association
    • Lillias Beale
    • Sylvia Bell
    • Bernice Bell & Norman Barr
    • Felice & Britta Bennekou
    • Violet Bennett
    • Peter Bentley
    • Vic & Joan Bentley
    • Heinz Berger
    • Lois Bewley
    • Geraldine Biely
    • Aida Bild
    • Marliyn & Paul Bild
    • Georgia & David Black
    • David
    • Blain Blights Home Hardware
    • Bloomingfields Garden Care and Design Inc
    • Jules Bodner
    • Greg & Judi Bowden
    • Val & Dick Bradshaw
    • Barbara Bradstock
    • Myrna Braun
    • Gail Brazier
    • Robert Brebner
    • Jim & Rosalind Brookes
    • Adrienne & David Brown
    • Alix & Alan Brown
    • May Brown
    • Nicholas Bruchovsky
    • Meredith Bryant
    • Margaret Bunbury
    • Nigel & Barbara Bunning
    • Kerry Burgi
    • Stella & Peter Burgi
    • John & Mary Butterfield
    • Calkins & Burke Limited
    • Janet Campbell
    • Canadian Western Bank
    • Beatrice Carlani
    • Marilyn Cassady
    • Audrey Cheesman
    • Ann & Peter Cherniavsky
    • Dr. Sheldon and Jane Cherry
    • Jill Cherry
    • Yvonne Chong
    • Lynne Chrismas
    • Arlene Clark
    • Brian & Adrienne Clark
    • Marjorie Clark
    • Sandra Clarke
    • Grant Close & Judy Rogers
    • Meg Clyne
    • Mary M. Coghlan
    • Gillian Collins
    • Mary Comber-Miles
    • Lyn Connock & Bob Wilson
    • Shirley Coolidge
    • Valerie J. Cooper
    • Connie Corbett
    • Gerald Corne
    • Doug & Anne Courtemanche
    • Courtyard Gardens
    • Patricia Cowen
    • Gordon & Claudia Craig
    • Cruise West
    • Rosemary Cunningham
    • Mike Curtis
    • Pauline Cusack
    • Ted & Barbara Daem
    • David Hunter Garden Centers
    • David Lane Office Furniture
    • Egan Davis
    • Helen & Jeremy Davis
    • Betty Dawson
    • Dorothy Dawson
    • Margaret K. Debanne
    • Lynne DeCew
    • Designer Printing (Leona Gleason)
    • Audrey Dewan
    • Marguerite Anne Diano
    • Bill & Nancy Dickson
    • Peter Dickson
    • Tim Dickson
    • Dig In! Potting Soil
    • Don & Peggy Dix
    • Norma Dixon
    • Aline & Enrico Dobrzensky
    • Dr. Peter Dolman
    • Maxine Donaldson
    • Dorilda Hillock Estate
    • Dorothy Jane Boyce Estate
    • Chloe Douglas
    • Enid Downton
    • Kathleen Shaaron Drayton
    • Mrs. Johnny Duffus
    • Valerie Dunsterville
    • Louise & Bob Dyer
    • Mr. & Mrs. Robin Elliott
    • Ellen Ellis
    • Elizabeth & Wolf Endrejat
    • Diane M. Eyre
    • Lynn & Rhys Eyton
    • Maureen Fauman
    • Dr. & Mrs. J.D.Forbes
    • Dr. Joan Ford
    • Judith Forsberg
    • Roy Forster
    • Barbara Fousek
    • Janet & David Fraser
    • Dr. W. G. & S. P. Friend
    • Anson & Daphne Frost
    • Jane Frost
    • Pamela Frost
    • Mrs. M. E. Fullerton
    • GardenWorks
    • Victoria Garland
    • Miriam Gelmon
    • geoTreasuries
    • Mr. & Mrs. James Geros
    • Derek Glazer
    • Marilyn Goebel & Frederick Newmeyer
    • Moira Gookstetter
    • Laurie Grant & Tony Ryan
    • Green Zebra
    • Lawrence Guerra
    • Colin & Sue Guiel
    • George & Joanne Gulkiewich
    • Judy & Poul Hansen
    • Evelyn Harden
    • David & Maria Harris
    • Eve Harrison
    • Sid & Pat Hartley
    • Henry Hawthorn
    • David & Ruby Hayward
    • Ian Haywood-Farmer
    • Heathcliff Foundation
    • Heath Design/Peggy Heath
    • Shirley & Sholto Hebenton
    • Jane Hennessy
    • Agnes Herbison
    • Jane Heyman
    • Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hicks
    • Highland Growers Ltd
    • Rosemary Hildred
    • Sheila & Chris Hildred
    • Hillock Estate
    • Julienne M. Hills
    • Donna Hipp
    • T. D. Hodgins
    • Lesley Hoeschen
    • Sue & Harry Hoff
    • Arlene Holand
    • Susan & Walter Holmes
    • Betty & Jeremy Hooper
    • H. & V. Hossack
    • Ann Hotter
    • Don & Pat Hudson
    • Jim & Anita Hudson
    • Vida Huggins
    • Dr. Margaret Hunter
    • Elaine Hurst
    • International Cellars – Michael Shuster
    • Peggy Irving
    • Bill & Geri Jarvis
    • Caroline P. Jay
    • Jericho Counselling
    • Heather Johnson
    • Hughie Jones
    • Harry Jongerden
    • Margaret Jonsson
    • Mary Jordan
    • Junior League of Greater Vancouver – Garden Club
    • Kaatza Foundation
    • Anne-Marie & Peter Kains
    • Frank & Barbara Kelly
    • Marjorie Kennedy
    • Jill Kenning
    • Elizabeth Kerklaan
    • Claire Kermacks
    • Judy Kerr
    • Hank & Janice Ketcham
    • Norene Kimberley
    • John Kitchen & Shirley Willoughby
    • Kiwassa Club
    • Don Knight
    • Tony & Margie Knox
    • Phyllis Knutson
    • Josephine Kovacs
    • Sharon Kraemer
    • Norman Krasne & Sarah Duvall
    • Kirsten Kristensen
    • Cosmo Kwan
    • Lagniappe Foundation
    • Lexi Lam & Family
    • Denny Lang
    • Daphne Lang & Walter Paquette
    • Lanphear Family
    • Larkspur Foundation
    • George Laverock & Jane Coop
    • Dianne & Bruce Ledingham
    • Kathy W. & John Lee
    • Susan & Richard Lee
    • Michael LeGeyt & Don Knight
    • Nicholas & Marge LeMoine
    • Lisa Lennie
    • Fiona Lewis
    • Ralph & Lucy Lewis
    • George Littlemore
    • Honorine Loader
    • Maria Logan
    • Lambert Loh & Suzanne LaFerte
    • London Drugs Foundation
    • Loonie Campaign
    • Loretta Moore Estate
    • Lorraine Bolton Estate
    • Richard Lougheed & Carlton Van Patton
    • Aaron & Derry Lubell
    • Edna Lunden
    • Marigold Lyall
    • Alfredette MacDonald
    • Violet Macdonald
    • John & Marian MacFarlane
    • Mary MacGregor
    • Grace & Alex MacInnes
    • Eleanor Mack
    • Dick & Diana MacKenzie
    • Mackenzie Cundill Investment Management
    • Robert & Julia MacLachlan
    • Sally Maclachlan
    • Genny & Fraser MacLean
    • Pauline Main
    • Robert & Merren Mair
    • Manitoba Society of Seniors
    • Shirley Marcus
    • Tony & Jean Massie
    • Master Gardeners – Vancouver
    • Sarah McAlpine
    • Eileen McClintock
    • Scott & Janet McCloy
    • Jean McComb & Sam Joe
    • Andrew O. McCormick
    • Mrs. T.M. McCusker
    • David & Joanne McDonald
    • Alexa McDonough
    • Sandra McDowell
    • Katie McIntosh
    • Roy & Maureen McIntosh
    • McLean Foundation
    • Ruth McLellan
    • Rowland McLeod & Jacqueline Kelly
    • Ray McNabb
    • Media Hill Productions
    • Agnes Mertin
    • Penny Meyerhoff
    • Michael O’Brian Family Foundation
    • Mark & Barbara Mikulec
    • Martin & Patricia Milewski
    • Joan Milina
    • Major F.H. Milledge
    • Julia Milstead
    • Margaret Mirko
    • Alison Mordell
    • Jim & Bev Morlock
    • Pru Morton
    • Penny Moul
    • Barb Mui
    • Thelma Mulholland
    • Mr. & Mrs. Alan Mulvenna
    • Donald Murray
    • Mike & Lesia Muzylowski
    • New Zealand Gardeners
    • Carolyn & Stan Nicholson
    • Elizabeth Niebor
    • Joan Nolet
    • Brenda & Michael O’Keefe
    • Midge Oke
    • Adele Oliver
    • Opera in the Garden
    • Joseph Oppenheim
    • Marti Oppenheimer
    • Orca Creative
    • Wendy Orvig
    • Phillipa Ostler
    • Fred Otte
    • Linda Overholt
    • Alison & Owen Owens
    • Michael Page & Anne Smith
    • John Pappajohn
    • Dewey Parker
    • Roli & Macrina Parker
    • Joan Paterson
    • Charles M. Patrick
    • Cathy Payne
    • John & Joyce Pearkes
    • Penny Pearse
    • Penelope Pearson
    • Diana Peel
    • Shirley Phillips
    • Phillips Hager & North
    • Phoenix Perennials
    • Ms. Anne B. Piternick
    • Ian and Isabel Pitfield
    • Andeen Pitt
    • Carla Poppen
    • Marianne Powley
    • Margaret Pryce
    • Jill Purdy
    • Lisa Purdy
    • Toshiko Quan
    • Kay Raisbeck
    • Gilda Rayburn
    • Virginia Richards
    • Sylvia Riddell
    • Sharmeen Ritchie
    • James & Ursula Roberts
    • Ian & Wendy Robertson
    • William Robertson
    • Gail & Blythe Rogers
    • Gwynneth Rogers
    • Sheila Rogers
    • David & Margaret Rolfe
    • Rolfe, Benson Accountants
    • John Rome
    • Dr. Jack Rootman
    • John & Patricia Rose
    • Lynne Rose
    • David Ross
    • Tory Ross & Family
    • Bernard Rowe
    • Dola-Elizabeth Rowland
    • Merlyn & Jane Royea
    • Dawn M. Russell & Mark W. Woodiwiss
    • Ann & Robin Ryan
    • Donna Salahub
    • Marjorie Anne Sauder
    • Sauder Industries
    • Nick & Diane Scharfe
    • Ari Shiff, Carla von Messel & Family
    • Barbara Scott
    • Brent & Lillian Scott
    • Seedy Saturday Donations
    • Sidney Shadbolt
    • Celeste Shannte
    • Constance Shaw
    • Galyna Shevchenko
    • Linda Shulman
    • Valerie Simmons
    • Grover & Carol Sinclair
    • Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Skuce
    • Sheila & Duncan Smeaton
    • Jasper Smith
    • Jan Snow
    • Sonny Hair Design
    • South Surrey Garden Club
    • Southlands Nursery
    • Margaret Spengler
    • Pam Spouge
    • Shirley Sretavan
    • Richard Stace-Smith
    • Bill Steele
    • Janet Stetham
    • Elaine Stevens
    • Mary Stewart
    • Stewart Fund
    • Jane Stock
    • Gordon Stubbs
    • Kumi & Gary Sutcliffe
    • Cynthia & Cary Swoveland
    • Delfa Syelocha
    • Eve Szabo
    • Dr. Beverly Tamboline
    • Roy Taylor
    • TELUS Community Engagement
    • TELUS Employee Giving
    • John & Joan Tennant
    • Thirsty Thursday
    • Flora Thompson
    • Jean Thompson
    • Tony Thompson & Shelia Munn
    • Thorsteinssons LLP
    • Nancy Turner
    • VanDusen Pot Luckers
    • VanDusen Seed Collectors
    • Diane Vernon
    • Robert & Ramona Wakefield
    • Paddy Wales
    • Elizabeth Walker
    • Kathleen Wallden
    • Derry Walsh
    • Margaret Walwyn
    • Eugene Wan
    • Jane Warner
    • Iris. B. Waters
    • Paula Waters
    • Mr. R. Wenner & Dr. G.D.
    • Nora Wheeler
    • Mary White
    • Joan Wilkinson
    • William Dickenson Estate
    • William Pearson Family Fund
    • John Williams
    • Eric Wilson
    • Lori Wilson
    • Elsie Wollaston
    • Cynthia Wong
    • Peter & Jennifer Wong
    • Mrs. Robert Wright
    • Ikuko Yoshihara
    • Yvonne McGrane Estate
    • John Zaplatynsky
    • Miriam Zbarsky
    • Sandra Zipay & Rick Sales
    • Heinz Zutter
    • Anonymous Donations – 88
    • In Memoriam
    • Anonymous (Mamie Koo)
    • Bell, Sylvia (Joan Nolet)
    • Barrazzuol, Claire (Charlene Mason)
    • Braun, Myrna (David J. Doig)
    • Cypress Capital Management (Violet Hunter)
    • Clark, Brian & Adrienne (Leone Ungless)
    • Clark, Brian & Adrienne (Ralph Kerr)
    • Eyton, Lynn & Rhys (Didge Boyce)
    • Goncalves, Sinfor W. (Paulo MC Goncalves)
    • Ross, Tory (Fraser MacLean)

    Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If there are errors or omissions please accept our apologies and contact our office at 604.257.8625 so that we are able to make corrections. Thank you.

Leave a Legacy

You can make a lasting gift to the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association that will benefit those who follow. You can arrange for a gift in several ways, the most common being a charitable gift through a bequest in your will. Other ways include naming VanDusen as beneficiary of an insurance policy, leaving securities, retirement account or other financial investments to the Garden.

Supporting the Garden with a legacy or planned gift is a great way to ensure future generations will benefit from important education and conservation programs. In many cases, in addition to supporting the Garden, these gifts can result in significant tax savings.

  • +Endowment Fund

    The VanDusen Botanical Garden Association established an endowment fund with the Vancouver Foundation in 1976. By giving to the VBGA Endowment Fund, you are providing annual funding for the Garden, its programs and projects.

    Donations made to the VBGA Endowment Fund build the Fund in perpetuity.  It is the annual income generated by the VBGA Endowment Fund that assists the VBGA in carrying out its mission – to support VanDusen as an outstanding botanical garden

  • +Bequests

    A charitable bequest made through your will is the most common and easiest way to arrange a future gift for the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association.

    The two most common types of bequests are:

      A specific bequest, designated a specific amount of money or property.
      A residual bequest, which is a gift of part or all of all of your remaining estate after specific provisions have been made for family and friends.

    Through a charitable bequest you can:

      provide a lasting expression of your particular life
      contribute to the VBGA Endowment Fund
      establish a memorial fund in the name of a loved one
      provide future ongoing support of the VanDusen Botanical Gardens Association.

    A bequest to the Garden can be directed in several ways:

      It can be an unrestricted donation that will be used for programs that are most in need of funding.
      Or, you may choose to specify that your bequest be held in the VBGA endowment. In this case, the capital of your bequest will be held in perpetuity and the income will be used to fund programs.

    If you are considering restricting your gift to a specific program, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your ideas to assure that your wishes can be met and that your bequest provision is properly structured.

    Information for donors:

    Legal Name: Vancouver Botanical Gardens Association
    Canadian Charitable Tax Number: 11928 1301 RR0001

    For sample bequest clauses (pdf)

  • +Life Insurance

    By naming VanDusen Botanical Garden Association as beneficiary of life insurance proceeds, you are creating a future gift to the Garden. Contact your life insurance agent to review the type of tax credit you will be eligible for and ensure the life insurance policy is structured as you wish.

  • +Gift of Securities

    A gift of publicly traded securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual fund units is the least expensive way to make a gift to the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association. The combined benefit of paying no tax on the capital gain and the tax receipt you receive for the entire amount provides excellent tax benefits when making your charitable gift.

    Transferring your securities to the VanDusen Botanical Garden Association is easy. Please contact your broker with details of the securities you wish to transfer along with VanDusen’s account information (please contact us for full details). Your broker will contact our agent to arrange the transfer to our account. Once received, our agent will inform us of the gift and the current market value at closing on the day it was received into our account. You will receive a charitable gift receipt for this amount.

    For more information, please contact contact 604-257-8677 or email

    Note: The information on this page can help facilitate discussions between you and your advisor. It is not intended as legal advice. We encourage you to seek advice from a qualified professional.

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Adopt a Tree or Bench

Adopt a Tree

Throughout its 55 acres, VanDusen Botanical Garden has many beautiful, often rare trees. VanDusen’s Adopt-a-Tree program provides an opportunity for you for form a personal relationship with a ‘special’ tree in the Garden.  

Trees may be “adopted” as a way to remember a loved one or celebrate a significant event. A minimum donation of $2,000 enables you, your family or group of friends to adopt a tree in the Garden for 20 years. Adoption includes selection of the tree and a commemorative plaque for the person being honoured. A tax receipt will be issued to each participant in the tree adoption.

Download the brochure Adopt a Tree

VanDusen Bench Program

Celebrate a loved one by adopting a bench in the Garden.  Bench donations are for 10 years.  For further information contact Administration at 604 257 8666, or via email.

You can see photos of the benches in this photo gallery.

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